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Posted on January 12, 2016 6:08 pm
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Glitter Force  Glitter Force-Netflix

Guest post by a reader (a mom)

Glitter Force is a new anime from the streaming service Netflix. The series’ first season hit the service on December 18th, 2015. It is an English language adaptation of the Japanese anime Smile PreCure!. The original series is entitled Pretty Cure, and Glitter Force will be the second sequel series to it.

This series follows five girls – renamed Emily, Kelsey, April, Lily, and Chloe from the Japanese characters – in their preteen years. The fairy tale land of Jubiland is the main setting of the series. I personally believe Emily, the main Glitter Force character that narrates, has a bit of an irritating voice. However, it is usual for a hyper Japanese-style anime to have high pitched voice actors to resemble the Japanese voice actors.

What’s The Story?

The premise of this anime is much like Smile PreCure! It follows the group and their battles against specific fairy tale villains. The big bad wolf from the classic fairy tale of the three little pigs is one of these villains that appears in Glitter Force.A friend of mine has a daughter who is very into the anime Sailor Moon. For anyone familiar with it, there is a cat that is a big part of the plot line. Glitter Force could resonate with fans of the well known and beloved Sailor Moon for that reason. There is a lamb-like character named Candy (in both Glitter Force and in Smile PreCure!) who, like Sailor Moon’s cat, helps the girls through their adventures and gives advice when needed.

Another aspect that resonates with the Sailor Moon characters is that when Emily and her friends are in their Glitter Force costumes, they have different names. Instead of Sailor *insert name here*, they have Glitter *insert name here*. They are Glitter Lucky (Emily), Glitter Sunny (Kelsey), Glitter Peace (Lily), Glitter Spring (April), and Glitter Breeze (Chloe). These names have stayed the same from the Japanese version.

Any controversy?

Just a small one- lovers of the original Smile PreCure! series and the others in the Pretty Cure line are running a petition to stop the production of Glitter Force. So, nothing to worry about there.

Who Are the Characters?

Emily is described as a reader, forgetful, and klutzy. She’s supposed to be the leader of the Glitter Force. She’s also, surprise, the new girl in town.Kelsey is the first friend Emily makes. It’s no surprise that she has a fiery personality with a nickname like Glitter Sunny. She plays volleyball, cracks jokes, and can be a bit too competitive at times.

Lily is the shy, sweet one of the group. She also spends a lot of time reading and drawing. She’s loyal and headstrong, possibly to a fault.

April is known for her quick thinking, both on and off the soccer field. She’s also kind and confident. With younger siblings, she already knows how to be a role model.

Chloe is a bit of an odd one out. She has some trouble with asking for help. She’s admired, kind hearted, and the student council vice president. She’s also in the archery club.

Glitter Force

And the Bottom Line is?

All in all, I’d give this cartoon a green flag. Much like the animes it parallels, there’s nothing to be concerned with when young girls watch them other than the costumes the girls wear.  To find out a whole lot more about Glitter Force you should check out Modern Mom on twitter @ModernMom she has a ton of info about the show and even hosts Twitter Party’s!



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