Parents Should Know About…

This Site!

Welcome, at Parents Should Know I’m going to do my best to

Courtesy: Jason Devaun

Courtesy: Jason Devaun

keep you updated about things you should know about for your kids.  Everything from the various forms of media available to them to YouTube videos, games, to products and services I’ve tried; that you should be made aware of and give them a try or avoid completely!  (As in don’t go down that road!)

Time is precious…

Look- If you you’re here and visiting, you’re probably parents too; I know how busy life is and how things just slip by, but the things we’re going to discuss on this site you just can’t let slip by and that’s why we’re here to help.  This site was born out of recommendations I wanted to give family and friends about products and conversations I’ve had with people about certain online videos, games and characters I wanted my kids to have no part of.  Some of the stuff that’s out there is really, really disturbing.

Parents: Caution is Advised!

But wait there’s more!

I don’t want you to think the sole focus will be on things to avoid, we’re also going to post and discuss various recommendations from baby formula to movies to restaurants you should try to hit with the kids and discounts offered.  This is going to be a one-stop-shop for everything you, as a parent, should know about.  (By the way, we may try to slip some coupons or discounts your way too if we can get them!)

Parents, Now it’s your turn!

Is there something we haven’t talked about on the site?  Do you have a different opinion that what we’ve blogged about?  Take the time to contact us here and let us know what we should be doing differently.  Also, please like us on Facebook and Twitter too (you’ll get notified when we have really exciting new content!)