Shatter -Stronger Than The Average Pot

Posted on December 29, 2015 8:05 pm
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What is Shatter?

Just before Christmas eve I came across a link on Shatter Drudge


Shatter- Hash oil

According to the Washington Post:

(It) is a form of marijuana wax, derived from butane hash oil, which has been made for centuries. But some forms of shatter reportedly have as much as 90 percent THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. That is about five times the potency of unrefined smoked cannabis and more powerful than standard hash oil. It is produced as a thin, hard translucent layer similar to glass, which can shatter if dropped, and it is typically heated and inhaled through a vaporizer rather than smoked.

According to one expert cited in their piece the effects of oil “give a stronger, more immediate effect”.

Users usually melt the product and inhale the smoke to get high. The process is sometimes called “dabbing.”

Burning Down the house

Apparently, after reading up on this a little bit more the biggest jeopardy to people (and property) about this and other hash oils is the process to make it…when “amateurs” try to make their own product using butane lighters a number of homes have exploded from failed attempts.


Bottom Line

The cannabis product resembles clear, thin sheets of dried honey or tree sap and is made by an extraction process that removes any lipids or fats.  This form of marijuana, considered the purest and most powerful weed product, often contains levels of THC, six times stronger than the average pot.Shatter2

If you have teens or tweens in your house and something looks like an amber sheet of fruit roll ups or a weird jolly rancher – starts showing up in your house you have to know what’s going on and take action.

Now it’s your turn-

Did I miss something, do you have a comment or something for discussion?  Or is there something you need to know more about?  Post it below and we’ll work on it.



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